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To mark Leuchie House's 5th anniversary as an independent charity, help us get people talking about respite breaks and the huge difference they make.

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Over the past five years, Leuchie House has delivered over 30,000 respite days, giving thousands of people from all over the country a much needed break. The number of people with a long term condition - and the number of people who care for them - continues to grow every year and there are thousands more people who could benefit from a respite break. Yet support for respite breaks continues to be limited and often has to be fought for.

To help raise awareness of the essential lifeline respite breaks offer, we've scheduled a Thunderclap campaign to spread the word - Shout out for Leuchie breaks!

A Thunderclap is like an online flash mob. By signing up to support the campaign, at noon on 4 July 2016 - Leuchie's 5th anniversary - a message will be posted at the same time on the Facebook pages and Twitter feeds of everyone who's pledged support, allowing us to get the world out to a huge online audience. To join our Thunderclap campaign, simply click here, choose whether to support with Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, add your own message if you like, then click on +add support, and that's it - you'll be added to our Thunderclap on 4 July!

What are respite breaks and why are they so important?

A respite break gives people living with a long term condition and those who care for them a break from their normal routine and the often stressful demands of their caring situation.  

Short breaks are an essential part of the overall support that families and carers need to help them care for a family member, partner or friend. They make a significant difference by giving people a break from the everyday, a chance to experience new things, time to rest and recharge, and opportunities to meet new people and develop friendships. They also increase independence, boost confidence and self-esteem, help reduce isolation, and have a tangible positive impact on health, wellbeing and the ability to cope.

What Leuchie guests and carers say:

“The holiday has made me realise I still have a lot going for me.”

“It’s the only place where I feel like a guest rather than a patient.”

“Respite breaks are very important to me.  As a full-time carer with a 24/7 role, you need regular breaks to recharge your batteries.  Getting the right kind of respite and care is essential. It’s about both the quality of the break and the expertise of the care. People with long term conditions need something better than just respite in a care home.” 

 “I can't remember when I last felt as relaxed and at ease with the world as I do at the moment.”

Join the Thunderclap!

So click here now to support our Thunderclap campaign and help Leuchie spread the word to everyone concerned - people with long term conditions, their carers, health and social care practitioners, policy makers and the wider world - about how vital respite breaks are. Thank you!