Scotland’s new health and social care standards

Last month the Scottish Government launched Scotland’s new health and social care standards, setting out the level of service we should all expect to receive when using any part of the care system.

This news may well have passed you by among all the high profile headlines of late. However these new standards are set to make a significant difference to our experiences in any care setting we use in the future.

The focus for all care provision will now be firmly on people, and on improving our experience of care by achieving five new outcomes. This will apply equally to care provided in NHS hospitals, care homes, nurseries, at home and all other care settings. 

At Leuchie, we welcome the new standards wholeheartedly. They have already been likened by the Care Inspectorate to the Five Star Philosophy we have developed at Leuchie over the past few years and which is instilled in all our practices and procedures, and, crucially, in all our staff.  Having gone through this process ourselves, we can recognise that a major leadership and culture change is going to be needed to implement the new standards across the health and social care system.

The best barometer for us that we are achieving our five star standards is of course the impact of a Leuchie break on our guests. Last month we were all touched by a particularly striking example of this.  A new guest arrived at Leuchie clearly feeling extremely low. After a full ‘Leuchie MOT’, we started her on a personalised care plan immediately. Within just a couple of days, the change in her was incredible and she left Leuchie with a renewed zest for life.  Afterwards she sent us a postcard which has to be one of the most touching pieces of mail I’ve ever received. She said “Forget cruises, forget Greece, forget Tuscany. The best holiday in the world and rest of my life is Leuchie House.”

So we warmly welcome the new standards. If they can help the whole of Scotland’s health and social care sector achieve many more experiences of great care like this, then we can all be very proud of the society we live in.

Mairi O'Keefe, Chief Executive, Leuchie House. Published in The East Lothian Courier, 6 July 2017