Running for respite: Chris’s story

Chris Chapman, Care Assistant at Leuchie House, gives us an update on the highs and lows in his training to run the Edinburgh Marathon on 27 May!

At the start of April I ran the Kilomathon, starting out with the impression I was aiming for a finishing time that I couldn't possibly reach. It turned out I was wrong, running the 13.1 kilometers in around 56 minutes! Out of 1960 runners I was in 71st place and I still can't believe it!

It was a huge rush to finish it in such a good time and I was feeling really good for my next run, which was the Winton Castle 10k trail run a week later. I was proud of my time, but it was very different running through trees and mud, rather than the streets of Edinburgh.

Unfortunately, running down those steep banks and rough paths took it's toll and I injured my hip. A couple of days later my daughter asked if we could go for a run together and after running 3 kilometers I was glad to be home. At the same time I was struck down with another chest infection which meant my training ground to a halt just as I should have been aiming for my longest runs in preperation for the marathon.

After a few weeks off I've just started to get back to running properly again, just in time for the training period known as 'tapering' where you start reducing the distance you run each week so you're at your best for race day.

Wish me luck!

Pictured right is Chris with his daughter, Iona, after running the Subway 5K in 2017

If you’d like to support Chris in his Edinburgh Marathon challenge for Leuchie House, visit his fundraising page at