Running for respite: Chris’s story

Chris Chapman, Care Assistant at Leuchie House, gives us an update on his training to run the Edinburgh Marathon on 27 May, including the impact of ‘snowmaggedon’ and a completely unexpected health benefit.

My training met a bit of a setback at the beginning of March when East Lothian experienced more snow than it’s had in years. I was one of the team snowed in at Leuchie for three days so it’s fair to say that running stopped being a priority for a while!

The impact of all that and then the ongoing patchy weather probably lasted about a week and a half, but I feel like I’m back on track now.

Today (3 April) is quite a milestone for me. It’s the first anniversary of when I started running.  I’d never have believed that one year on I’d have just done my first 20 mile run.

I managed to do it in around three hours which I’m really proud of. Not to mention doing it without getting injured!

It’s the first time I’ve experienced the infamous feeling of hitting the wall though. I didn’t really understand what people meant by that before but I definitely do now.

Although I was sore afterwards, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected and I feel fairly confident now that I’m on track to run the full marathon in less than four hours.

Another thing that has surprised me while I’ve been training is the impact it has had on my asthma. In the beginning I worried about it whenever I went out and always had my inhaler in my hand.  I’ve found that the more I’ve run, the less I’ve needed to use the inhaler. It seems as if exercise really has been the best medicine!

The next major event in my training schedule is the Kilomathon in Edinburgh on Sunday 8 April, which I’m running with Gillian from the Leuchie team.  The route is 13.1km and runs from Ocean Terminal to Murrayfield, which will be good practice for running in the city.  The length of it makes it feel almost like a short, fun run now.

Isn't it amazing how your perception changes!

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