Running for respite: Chris’s story

Chris Chapman, Care Assistant at Leuchie House, talks about discovering an unexpected passion for running and the added bonus of doing it to help a cause very close to his heart.

For as long as I can remember I’ve looked at other people taking on fitness challenges and thought to myself “I could never do that”!

Apart from a bit of cycling occasionally, I’d never really been the sporty type. Then last year I started to ask myself “Well, why can’t I? Why have I always decided that I couldn’t do it?”

This changing attitude was what got me out on my first proper run almost a year ago on 3 April 2017. From that first run, I went on to sign up to be part of the Leuchie House team in the Total Warrior challenge last September, exactly the kind of thing I’d always dismissed in the past as being not for me.

You can imagine then how amazed I was when I got to the end of Total Warrior, running 10 km and tackling 29 obstacles, to feel that it actually wasn’t enough of a challenge for me! I went on to run the Scottish Half Marathon that same month.

At the start of 2018 I set myself a personal challenge of running 1000km across the year. I’d never have imagined, even a year earlier, that would be something I’d ever contemplate doing.

My next event is my first full marathon in Edinburgh on 27 May. At the moment my weekly training schedule usually involves three six or seven km runs during the week, with a longer run at the weekend. I just fit it in around my family commitments and my shifts at Leuchie House.

Last weekend was my longest run yet when I did 26km. With three months to go until the big day, I’m feeling quite positive that I’m on track.

As with Total Warrior, I’m doing the marathon as a sponsored challenge for Leuchie House. It’s really important to me that something good can come from all this. I’ve always believed in supporting local charities and obviously because I work at Leuchie, I can see exactly how people will benefit from the funds I raise. When I’ve told Leuchie guests what I’m doing they’ve been really supportive and it all helps to make me even more determined to succeed.

If you’d like to support Chris in his latest challenge, visit his fundraising page at