“Person centred care at its finest”

Following her mum, Eileen's, first break at Leuchie, Linda sent us the email below: 

"I just wanted to write to thank all the staff at Leuchie House for looking after my mum during her stay last week.

As a fellow nurse I can only describe Leuchie house as firstly how care should be delivered and secondly that it demonstrates person centred care at its finest. But I also believe that Leuchie House may even be the gold standard where care is concerned.  Times are difficult and stressful in nursing and all too many times we hear negative reports of care, there will always be improvements that can be made but I was so very impressed with your staff, services and facilities!!!  

You took amazing care of my mum and offered us, as a family, reassurance. We haven't had the greatest time of late and Leuchie House came out of nowhere and we were so pleased and delighted with everything you have done. 

You really do provide person centred care with trips out, choice of meals and times for rising, along with physio that I feel my mum should have had for so long but has been neglected by so many other services. I am also aware that my mum and her MS poses challenges; physical and mental. You overcame some of those barriers in such a short time like getting her out for a pub lunch and experiencing complementary therapies. THANK YOU! 

No words can really express my thanks and appreciation of all who are involved and work in Leuchie House."

26 February 2018