Leuchie needs talent! Can you help us provide a great entertainment experience for our guests?

Calling all musicians, singers, performers and speakers! Could you help us open up new social opportunities to the people who come for short breaks to Leuchie House?

Leuchie is the only place in Scotland that is dedicated to offering short breaks with 24 hour care to people living with the devastating effects of neurological conditions like MS and stroke. 

A daily programme of varied activities and entertainment is an important part of every Leuchie House break, and now we're looking for talented people to volunteer their time to bring new experiences to our guests.

Helen Ross, Guest Engagement Manager explains: “When people come for a short break to Leuchie, because of their medical condition, it can often be the only chance they have to get out of the house, to socialise, to try new things, or to reconnect with things they used to love doing.  While many of our guests are no longer able to go to a music concert, or the theatre, or a talk, at Leuchie we can bring all of those things directly to them, giving them the chance to enjoy again the kinds of experiences many of us take for granted.

“The transformational impact this can have is incredible. We’ve had guests shed tears of joy listening to live musical performances, and others finding their passion for a subject rekindled by listening to expert speakers.

“In 2019 we’d love to offer lots of new options to our guests, many of whom come to Leuchie two or three times a year. We know there will be performers and public speakers around the Lothians who would happily give an hour or so of their time occasionally to really make a difference to the lives of others, but they may not know that Leuchie House is there or realise how much people could benefit from them sharing their talents. So we’re hoping people will get in touch or help us to spread the word if they know someone who might get involved.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about taking part in Leuchie House’s entertainment programme should contact Helen Ross on 01620 892864 or hross@leuchiehouse.org.uk.