Calum’s London Marathon blog 1

I'm Calum, 30 years old, from North Berwick but currently live in Bristol.

I'm running the London Marathon to raise money for a fantastic cause, and for all the people who give up time and effort for Leuchie. It's a great place and this is just a small way to contribute to the support it needs to keep it going.

It's my first ever marathon, and proper running event that I've done. Apart from occasionally playing football I've never been into running, in fact I would say I hate it! But the opportunity came along and I thought why not. The misplaced thinking went - "lots of people do them though so how hard can it be...!"

I've been following a plan off the internet and upgraded my tatty running shoes. I've also cracked and bought my first piece of lycra. It's a slippery slope.

So far I've been doing ok. I've had little injuries but usually manage the majority of the big training runs. Churning through the podcasts and generally becoming more intelligent. Got 20 miles to try this week, better charge my phone.

Thanks to anyone who has or will give me support. You'll find my fundraising page at