RBS gives back

Last week a team of eight from the Royal Bank of Scotland volunteered for a day at Leuchie House. They gave up their time to paint our staff room and help tidy up our patio area.

Simple enough stuff. Yet it hit home to me afterwards just how much of an impact this day of DIY had.

The team were with us as part of RBS’s community support scheme, known as One Week in June, when staff are encouraged and supported to take part in community activities, usually things with a personal connection.

The mother of one of the RBS team who came to help us is a regular guest at Leuchie.  Leuchie had been a part of his life for a long time and having seen how it had benefited his mum, he suggested to his team that they do their June day with us.

Tackling the jobs we struggle to find time for meant a lot to us at Leuchie. Tidying up our patio area gives our guests a much more pleasant environment to sit out in this summer. Our staff room hadn’t been painted for 13 years and looked tired and run down. Now, it’s light, bright and a pleasure to sit in.  And importantly, reminds our staff that they really do matter too.

Catching up with the RBS team at the end of their day, they told us how good it felt to give something back to the community. With so many day-to-day pressures and challenges in their work lives, a day at Leuchie had helped to remind them of the bigger picture and get some perspective back. They also appreciated the chance to represent their bank positively and show the people behind the brand after so much adverse publicity in recent years.

Last but definitely not least, Maureen, the mum in question, was delighted to see that her family was doing something for a charity that’s helped her so much.

We've had similar support from Virgin Money, Exxon Mobile and GE Intelligent Platforms and there are similar stories to tell about the impact of their help too.

It just shows you how far a few hours with a paintbrush really goes.

Mairi O'Keefe, CEO, Leuchie House. Published in The East Lothian Courier, 7 July 2016.