Heather Kilfara

Executive Assistant and Office Manager

Heather's approach

My job is varied in that it encompasses Company Secretary, Executive Assistant to the CEO and Board, and Information and Project Manager. There are a lot of skilful and committed people working at Leuchie and I see part of my role as ensuring different teams have the information needed to work well together, as well as meeting the regulatory requirements of the Office of the Scottish regulator (OSCR) and the like.

I love working at Leuchie, and although the nature of my job means I'm not providing direct care to the guests, I value everyone in the organisation being located in the same place. Every day I see and speak to the guests who are the reason Leuchie exists, as well as colleagues in various roles.

Work life before Leuchie

Prior to joining the Leuchie team, I worked as a chartered management accountant in financial services and telecommunications. That entailed being able to analyse information and to work collaboratively with colleagues in various departments to make the decisions necessary for the organisation to meet its goals.  

In between working in the two sectors, and when moving back from London to Scotland, I took a sabbatical and spent 18 months in Kintyre. While there, I worked as an Executive Assistant which proved useful experience too when I joined Leuchie in 2012.

Life beyond work

Outwith Leuchie I’m actively involved in my local church, sing in a gospel choir, enjoy the not-too-occasional glass of Prosecco with friends, and along with my husband provide a regular taxi service to our two children.