About us

What we do

Set in the beautiful East Lothian countryside, there's nowhere quite like Leuchie House.

We specialise in offering caring respite breaks for people with long term neurological conditions. Included in every Leuchie break is personalised 24 hour care, specialist physiotherapy sessions, a programme of fun activities, outings and entertainment, and delicious home-made food. In addition, because Leuchie House is an 18th century mansion, we are able to offer our guests a special country house hotel ambiance.

Who we work with

Leuchie’s guests have a wide range of long term conditions including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, motor neurone disease, spinal injuries and the effects of stroke.

We work with people at all stages of each condition. Our expert nursing and care team are experienced at caring for people with very different levels of care needs: from low to very high dependency.

We also welcome our guests’ carers or family members. While some people choose to come to Leuchie on their own so their carer can have a break separately, others bring their carer with them. We make sure that they are guaranteed a relaxing break too by taking on all the caring responsibilities for their loved one while they are with us.

What makes Leuchie House unique

For our guests one of the main things that makes Leuchie special is that every single person is treated as an individual. We work with them to ensure that, as well as receiving the personalised care they need, they get a chance to do the things and go to the places that make their holiday a truly individualised experience, whatever their interests and whatever stage of their condition they are at.

We also ensure that the positive impact of their break continues once they go home through our unique ‘Leuchie MOT’.

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